Thursday, May 22, 2014

Deep stuff ahead.

I wonder if when Im 75 .... Ill have wished I didnt worry about petty stuff so much back when I was weight, how clean my house was at any given time, if dinner was the picture perfect example of healthy, or what people thought of me. Or will I wish I had baked more cookies and just enjoyed the taste of food.Wished I had been able to relax about the house because people rarely came over unannounced anyways, made hotdogs and french fries for dinner more often because it allowed me to talk to my kids instead of insisting that they ate every bite of their broccoli, and just did the things I wanted to do and expressed myself and did the things I wanted to do without regard to peoples opinion...but thats just crazytalk.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learning the rule of 3rds in editing...and a little baseball.

Apparently the eye is naturally pleased with 3rds..I remember hearing about this from my mother who loves decorating when she was talking about groups of objects..the eye naturally loves groups of 3 or multiples of 3.  

In photography the same applies with your image crop or shot.  The other thing I recently learned is, give your subject somewhere to "go" in the picture..notice the difference in shot 1 and shot 3...

I should have left more to the left of Ty when cropping or better yet when I was shooting..

but none the less I still love the moment I captured.

I found a great blog that has ALOT of free tips and tutorials that Ive learned ALOT from in the past week.
Here is a link to her free ebook, 8 ways to improve your photography in one week

Its a wealth of information...Im definitely going to implement alot of her wisdom!