Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stisters and trampolines

Im not a professional or even aspiring to claim that title as a lover of photography.  What I am is a great mom who loves her family and friends with an equally great passion for documenting life. Theres something about capturing moments that I love.

I won't always remember the specifics about today. I'll remember loving to watch my kids play outside and enjoy the weather together. 

But I think time steals the finer details. The details I may forget when Im 65...

Like that my youngest LOVES to go pantless..all.the.time.

And this particular sweet smile that only his "stister" can bring out.

Or what if she has her own children some day. Ill remember thinking of how great a mom I always thought she would make one day..but these moments remind me of how even when she was a young lady, she was always so mommy-like. 

She loves to carries babies and really any small child that can physically hold on her hip..She loves to imitate what she sees...I love that these are the things shes seeing.

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